What are the different types of services to consider if I choose cremation?

There are several types of cremation services you could possibly choose from…

  1. Traditional services before cremation. This particular arrangement allows you to have a visitation with an open casket present if you wish. Most funeral homes have rental caskets for this purpose. A funeral service can be held at the funeral home or a local house of worship. Once the services are completed, the funeral home will take the decedent’s remains to the crematory rather than a cemetery. Some crematories allow family and/or friends to witness the cremation if desired.
  2. Visitation followed by cremation. This option provides a time for family and friends to gather to view the decedent and pay their respects before the cremation.
  3. Memorial service. This service can be held at a church, funeral home chapel or location of your choice. This service generally takes place after the cremation has occurred and with or without your loved one’s cremated remains present
  4. Basic cremation. Under this option, your loved one’s remains are taken directly to the crematory rather than being sent to the funeral home for embalming and viewing options. It is the most cost-effective option. A memorial service can follow the cremation if desired.
  5. Creative cremation. Through our association with cremation expert Michelle Cromer, Shared Sorrows provides a number of creative cremation concepts through which you can create a unique tribute.

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