James Benjamin Barns

April 4, 1955

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September 7, 2012

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Please take note of the family's needs and requests. If you would like to volunteer for a particular activity, enter your name in the provided box and click save at the bottom of the page.

Personal Needs

1. Would you like for someone to accompany you when you visit a funeral home to make arrangements? Consumer groups recommend having a friend or business associate accompany the grieving family to the funeral home when making arrangements.

Yes Volunteer: No

2. Do you need someone to answer phones so you and/or others can rest?

Yes Volunteer: No

3. Do you need assistance with the family's clothing needs for the funeral services—such as laundering, dry cleaning, alterations, etc?

Yes Volunteer: No

4. Would you like for someone to stay at the Decedent's home during funeral services for protection?

Yes Volunteer: No

5. Will you need assistance in preparing the obituary?

Yes Volunteer: No


Travel Arrangements

(Note: Shared Sorrows Travel services may be able to secure Bereavement Rates. Please call 1-800-369-2649.)

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Reminder Request

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