We created a helpful checklist of important tasks that must take place soon after a loss.

There are a number of reasons why cremation has become a popular alternatives. Learn about your options here


Our EternaPlan™ will guide you through the decisions which must be made after a loss—without manipulation or time pressure. You can complete the process in about 15 minutes, or take longer if you wish. A completed plan will generate a Funeral Directive which you can send to a funeral home to make your wishes known & get cost estimates. It also starts a Notice of Passing, Funeral Notice, Eulogy, Obituary and HowToHelp™.

A funeral can be a financial and emotional burden. We encourage you to visit our Funerals for Less page to better understand the costs. You can also visit our Paying for a Funeral Page for payment options.

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Many of the tools that comprise EternaPlan™ and EternaPage™ are available as stand-alone tools here.

This checklist is designed to help you carry out all of the essential tasks that must be performed in the days, weeks and months after a loss.

We can assist you in creating a respectful and fitting EternaPage™. You may choose to include a Notice of Passing, Funeral Notice, and Obituary plus make use of our unique HowToHelp™ which communicates your needs to family and friends. View an example of an EternaPage™. If you do not plan to create an EternaPage™, Making Memories can still assist you in writing a Notice of Passing, Funeral Notice, eulogy, obituary or related documents. Professional writers are available to help you write the perfect tribute.