Financial Considerations

Use this to create a budget
or to compare funeral home costs.

Our unique service allowing others
to help you with funeral expenses.

If funeral expenses are more than
you can afford right now.

Service Providers

When you want to find the right
funeral home, but don’t know all
the questions to ask.

Through our affiliation with
Marketplace Chaplains USA,
we are able to assist you if you
need someone to officiate at a
funeral service.

A nationwide database of churches
if you prefer services in a house of worship.

Locate a Crematorium Near By

We can help you find
cemeteries in your area.


Find just the right urn with
the cost-effective options
available online.

Express your sympathy
and compassion with a
beautiful arrangement.


Allow one of our select
vendors to provide meals
for those who have
experienced loss.

Allow us to help you find the
best prices, connections and

Legal Care


We can help you know what to
expect, explain important legal terms
and even help you find an attorney.

Shared Sorrows has
prepared short summaries
for questions about funeral
laws in your state.

Here is a summary of the FTC’s
“Funeral Rule” designed to protect you.

Service Considerations

We have prepared resources
especially for those who have
served, or had a family member
serve, in the US military.

A protocols and customs
primer for funerals.

Communication Resources

Notify family and friends
of a passing.

Provide family and friends with
funeral service information.

HowToHelp™ allows you to communicate your needs to friends and family who wish to help.

Use these free tools to stay in
touch with family & friends.


SharedSorrows’ unique
way to help you honor and
memorialize a loved one.

Our Obituary “wizards” will
help you create a lasting

Let us help you find just the
right item to remember a
loved one.

Find a fitting charity from an
easy-to-use national database.


Books, movies and online
resources provided with the
help of a Care Guide who has
experienced a similar loss.

An encouraging email to start
each day following a loss.

Free telephone support when
you need to talk to someone
about a loss.