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Send Flowers

Allow our selected vendors to provide beautiful flowers on your behalf.

Caring Moment

A daily inspirational email for you, your family and friends after a loss.


Resources to assist you and those you love through the grief process.

Travel Arrangements

Allow us to help you find the best prices, connections and accommodations.

Send Food to the Family

Allow one of our select vendors to provide meals for those who have experienced loss.


Find just the right item to
provide lasting memories.

Care Community

Join the conversation in any of the forums in which you have experienced a loss.

Sympathy E-Card

Send your condolences and encourage someone who is grieving.

Funeral notice

Provide family and friends with
funeral service information.


Create or view a lasting tribute created at Shared Sorrows.

How to Help

Allows you to communicate your needs to friends and family who wish to help.

Contribute to the CareFund

Our unique service allowing others
to help you with funeral expenses.