Till Death Do Us Part

Till Death Do Us Part

Fox News reported this week that 90 year-old Floyd Hartwig and his 89 year-old bride died hand-in-hand this month at their home in Easton, California. The couple had been married 67 years. Their daughter, Donna Scharton said that as the family sensed that death was imminent, they moved the hospice beds side by side so the couple could be arm-in-arm in their last hours. Violet stood loyally by her husband’s side during Floyd’s Navy service and then during his battle with bladder and colon cancer in his 60’s. In spite of his health problems, Floyd stood by his wife’s side as she began to experience the effects of dementia and a series of strokes in her later years.

With assistance from Hospice, the couple was able to remain together in their beloved home until the end. Floyd passed away first and Violet followed five hours later. The family made sure the caskets were placed at an angle with flowers between signifying their abiding love for each other.

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My brother Dan was taken from us in the prime of his life. His passing was so hard on our family--the first Christmas, the first time he wasn't with us for his birthday... Time moved slowly and time seemed like an adversary! I would gradually come to embrace time as God's tool to move me away from the hurt and pain that once engulfed me.
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