Though there are no particular types of flowers or colors that should be sent at funerals or homes of the bereaved, there are many favorites. Chrysanthemums, roses, gladiolas, lilies and carnations are traditionally used in funeral flower arrangements. White lilies, in particular, represent peace and red roses are renowned for expressing love. If the deceased loved being outdoors or thoroughly enjoyed working in the garden and had a favorite flower and/or color, it would obviously be very comforting for the bereaved to receive an arrangement of such flowers.

Flower Message
Camelia Gratitude
Chrysanthemum (red) I love you
Chrysanthemum (white) Truth
Daffodil Regard
Daisy Innocence
Flowering Almonds Hope
Heliotropes Devotion/Faithfulness
Honeysuckles Generosity
Hyacinths Loveliness
Irises Warmth/Affection
Ivy Eternal fidelity
Japonica Loveliness
Leaves Hope
Lemon Blossoms Fidelity
Lilies Majesty
Lilies (white) Peace
Lilies-of-the-valley Return of Happiness
Magnolias Perseverance
Maidenhair Discretion
Mimosas Sensitivity
Roses (red) Love/Respect/Courage
Roses (white) "You're heavenly" / Reverence/Humility / Innocence/Purity
Roses (red and white together) Unity
Roses (pink) Grace/Gentility
Roses (deep pink) Gratitude/Appreciation
Roses (light pink) Admiration/Sympathy
Roses (yellow) Joy/Gladness
Pale Colors Sociability/Friendship
Rosebuds Beauty/Youth/Pure
A Single Rose Simplicity
Hybrid Tea Roses "I'll remember you forever"
A Crown of Roses Reward/Virtue
Rosemary Remembrance
Snowdrop Hope
Tulip Love
Veronica Fidelity
Violet Faithfulness